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Diversifying Economic Quality: A Wiki for Instructors and Departments

Div.E.Q. is an online resource promoting inclusive, innovative, and evidence-based teaching practices in economics.


READ these pages.

TELL others.

SHARE your research and your strategies.

PRODUCE new evidence.

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NEWS: The Chronicle of Higher Education featured Div.E.Q. as a diversity initiative having success!

Proven strategies for the classroom

Proven policies for departments

Proven practices for instructors

Benstein.jpgDon't be this guy.
Qmark.jpgAsk WHY.
Wait Time Image1.jpgAdd wait time to classroom activities.
DNA helix structure.pngEmphasize that biology is not destiny, and foster a growth mindset in your students.
Cooperative Learning Pic1.jpgIncorporate cooperative learning by using Think-pair-share.
Study tips wsj.jpgShare these study tips.
Blooms new.pngHelp your students move up Bloom's pyramid.

Who's missing?

Does it matter?


  • A new academic year is upon us. Share these articles on laptop use in class with students.
  • View the slides from the panel on Diversifying Economic Quality at the 2014 ASSA Meetings.
  • Check out the National Summit on Diversity in the Economics Profession at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.